Katoliška mladina

Project will take place in Slovenia, Ljubljana and Ivančna Gorica (Stična) from 15 to 17 September 2023.

This project gathers citizens from different EU countries aiming to promote exchanges between citizens of different countries as a first project objective, to provide opportunities for citizens to discover the cultural diversity of the European Union and to realize that European values as a second project objective and to strengthen mutual understanding and friendship among the citizens of 6 partners coming from EU countries.

The project enables European citizens of different nationalities and languages to come together, achieve intercultural dialogue, discover the cultural diversity of project partners and contribute to the development of a dynamic and diverse European identity that forms the basis of a common future.

The project involves 6 partners from 6 EU member states: Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia.

The project Youth Contact is Funded by the EU – Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (CERV).

Stična mladih festival

Second day of the project will be the Stična mladih festival.

Friday, 15. 9. 2023:

  • Arivals
  • 15.00 getting to know each other
  • 16.00 welcome and introduction of project
  • 16.30 talks – leader of the project, representative of the municipality Ivančna Gorica, partner organisations
  • 18.00 dinner
  • 20.00 fun activities

Saturday, 16. 9. 2023:

  • 9.30 entrance opening
  • 10.00 introductory program
  • 11.00 Holy Mass
  • 12.30 time for lunch, socializing, visiting the stands
  • 14.00 workshop (1st round)
  • 15.30 break
  • 16.00 workshops (2nd round)
  • 17:30 dinner
  • 19.00 evening program
  • 20.30 closing and going home

Sunday, 17. 9. 2023

  • 8.30 breakfast gathering
  • 10.30 team work
  • 14.00 lunch and farewell

Program for international participants

We are preparing several activities for international participants:

  • 2 roundtables entitled “Locally or globally – both count” and “Challenges facing young people across Europe”.
  • 2 interactive lectures on “Combating all forms of discrimination against young people” and “Youth as a great resource of society”
  • 2 workshops on “Who I want to be” and “Thank you, please and sorry”
Costs of living and transport are covered by the organizer.

For more information please contact us: 

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